A Satisfying Lunch at Osaka Takoyaki Davao

Osaka Takoyaki Davao

Breaking away from my default mode of eating at my favorite go-to restaurants, I decided to have lunch at Osaka Takoyaki’s Davao branch located in SM Lanang. I was at the mall to do something I completely forgot to do yesterday while I was there. I wanted to reward myself for what felt like a tedious chore so I thought I’d better check out the new Japanese restaurant and have a bowl of ramen.

I learned about the restaurant opening a branch here in Davao when my former Japanese Kendo teacher posted two photos of the menu on his Facebook timeline last November.

I’m not really a takoyaki fan. The ones I’ve tasted here in Davao, and I had many, were mostly hit-and-miss affairs. I also hate crowded places so I tend to avoid newly-opened restaurants since they always seem to get packed with people eager to try something new. But since it has already been almost two months since it opened, I figured I could finally give it a try.

The restaurant is located on the ground floor of SM Lanang near the fountain area. So I headed to the exit near the supermarket, saw the fountain right across, turned right, walked a few steps, and saw the Osaka Takoyaki.

Osaka Takoyaki Davao
My favorite time in restos — the pre-lunch/dinner rush when it’s still quiet
Osaka Takoyaki Davao
Simple and pretty
Osaka Takoyaki Davao
The menu
Osaka Takoyaki Davao
OkonomiYaki, YakiSoba, and YakiUdon
Osaka Takoyaki Davao
Takoyaki and a la carte options
Osaka Takoyaki Davao
Desserts and Special Menu
Osaka Takoyaki Davao
Set Lunch Menu
Osaka Takoyaki Davao

The interior was more spacious than I imagined. And my timing was perfect since it was still past 10:00 am. Too early for lunch so I was the only other customer apart from a couple who came before me. I picked a spot right next to the wall at the back. A server approached soon after I sat down and gave me a glass of water. He left and quickly came back with the menu. Since I already know what I want for my super early lunch, I told him I’ll have the Tonkotsu ramen. He asked if I want to have it as a set lunch and explained the options I have, which turned out to be a better one for me. So I said I’ll have it and picked the takoyaki and the orange soda to complete the set meal.

Osaka Takoyaki Davao
I had breakfast so I’m not calling this brunch. It’s more like a super early lunch^^
Osaka Takoyaki Davao
Tonkotsu ramen
Osaka Takoyaki Davao
The takoyaki with toppings of dancing Japanese fish flakes (Katsuobushi)

My Tonkotsu ramen was served after only a few minutes quickly followed by the takoyaki with toppings of dancing Japanese fish flakes (Katsuobushi) that was just so delightful to watch. It was almost too pretty to eat…almost. It tasted so good my tongue got burned as I kept stuffing it in my mouth.

The Tonkotsu ramen was flavorful, but it was the takoyaki that turned out to be the best find for me on this visit. It’s like finding something to finally fall in love with in a food that you have been having countless times but didn’t exactly like enough to keep craving for.

I was hoping to try the dessert but the green tea ice cream I set my heart on was not available. The server said the only desserts they have at that time were the kakigouris. I was tempted to get the Green Tea Milk Beans kakigouri but decided to skip dessert for my next visit.

Overall, it was a scrumptious and satisfying lunch. I love the interior, the details, and the service. I’m not sure how different the vibe will be during peak hours. But I particularly like the peace and quiet of the store’s pre-lunch rush.


JDrama Wisdom #8

Keiji Yugami, Ep. 02

Kids Playing Amazing Dodgeball

The winning team kept it simple. They were strategic, synchronized, focused, efficient, and effective. And I love how they have girls on their team! Cute and impressive! It may seem like they took the game way too seriously than their opponents. But I don’t think so. People of all ages just play differently. Some could be a bit intense, but that doesn’t mean they’re not having fun. It could be that for them seriously going at it and giving their best may be their idea of fun.

Well-played, both teams!


[REPOST] Translation: A Passage in a Japanese Textbook for Middle Schoolers

I was not a figure skating fan before. But stumbling upon a video of Yuzuru Hanyu’s nearly flawless performance in a pre-Sochi Olympics competition instantly made me a huge fan of the young athlete from Japan. The initial admiration for his talent was quickly transformed into deep respect and awe as I learned more about his journey. I always look forward to his performances. Win or lose, I find that he unfailingly leaves a mark — often subtly but powerfully imparting life lessons worth learning.

This article is just one of the many about him that I find truly inspiring. I teared up reading it.


Narita Airport shuttle buses – Cheaper than the train, but which bus is best?

One of my most memorable experiences in Japan was the shuttle bus trip from Narita airport to Tokyo. I am having a hard time recalling which shuttle we used since everything was arranged by the travel agents assigned to our group. All I remember was how my friend Ani and I were so thrilled taking in the sights the entire time that we did not notice how far we had to travel to get to our hotel in Shinagawa. Good times.

SoraNews24 -Japan News-


Most tourists to Japan will come in and out through Tokyo’s Narita Airport. But like many international airports, Narita is not exactly on the doorstep of a major destination city, and travellers headed for Tokyo will usually make the 60-kilometer (36-mile) journey to the metropolis via the Narita Express, a high-speed rail service with a single-trip fare of 3020 yen (US $25.34).

What’s perhaps less well-known is there are two budget bus services that take you from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station for as little as 900 yen. Tokyo Shuttle and The Access Narita seem to offer similar airport shuttle services, but which is the better option?  And can they match the Narita Express in comfort and convenience? We sent one of our Japanese reporters to test out both services and find out!

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JDrama Wisdom #6

Tokyo Scarlet1

Tokyo Scarlet2

Tokyo Scarlet3

Tokyo Scarlet4

東京スカーレット~警視庁NS係 (Tokyo Sukaretto – Keishicho NS Gakari/Tokyo Scarlet)

JDrama Wisdom #5








問題のあるレストラン (Mondai no Aru Restaurant/A Restaurant With Many Problems)

Guts and Grit – On Ice and in Life

I am one of the newest yet biggest fans of 2014 Winter Olympics Men’s Figure Skating Champion Yuzuru Hanyu. Unlike his other fans who have followed him since he was a child, I have only found out about him a few months before the Sochi Olympiad. I learned about him while following the news about our country’s sole bet to the Games – another talented teen who has shown a lot of potential in his performances during the Olympic qualifying events.

The first Hanyu performance I watched was nearly flawless to my uninitiated eyes. It was a mesmerizing display of skill and grace. It looked like a perfect execution of a routine that must have taken a lot of time and hard work to master. It was awe-inspiring to say the least. Since then, I try to watch figure skating events or check uploaded videos of his performances.

Yuzuru Hanyu delivered as expected during the SP at the Sochi Olympics. His FS was not as good as it could have been, but he pulled it off well enough to secure the top spot. He accomplished what many other Asian figure skating men before him were unable to do – win an Olympic Gold.

Last November, he was involved in an accident during the free skate warmup at the Cup of China in Shanghai. He collided with the China top skater Yan Han. It was what Yuzu did after that made me admire him even more. It may have been risky given the impact and effects of the collision, but it reminded me that it takes a lot of determination to do what he does and accomplish what he has already achieved. He went on to win the ISU Grand Prix Final in Barcelona only a month after the COC warmup incident and the All-Japan Championships last December 27 (see vids below).

I fancy myself doing the exact same thing he did if it were me out there. But at the back of my mind, the question remains, “Will I really be able to step up like he did?”. It takes plenty of guts and steadfast grit to carry on. Falling down and getting back up to continue performing is not easy even without any injury. Imagine how hard it would be to continue on bloodied and all.

To quickly pick yourself up if and when you fall. To keep moving forward regardless of the roadblocks. To drown out the distractions. To deal with the mistakes by pushing on harder than ever. These are just some of the reasons why I am deeply drawn to this young athlete. I have seen him perform at his best and at his worst in the months since the Olympics. Regardless of the results, he serves as an inspiration and a reminder of how far guts and grit can take anyone who embrace challenges like treasured friends.

Yuzuru Hanyu “It has been a year of many experiences” — Comments at the close of the Men’s event of the 2014 Japan Figure Skating Championships

One cat’s impossible love affair with ice skating world champion Yuzuru Hanyū


SoraNews24 -Japan News-

Usually cats don’t show much appreciation for anything other than food and the warmth of a good heater in winter. So it came as a complete surprise when a pet owner in Japan noticed their cat had developed an obsession with ice skating world champion Yuzuru Hanyū.

While it’s not clear if the excited feline secretly harbours a desire to glide gracefully across the ice, there’s no doubt that Hanyū is the object of this cat’s attention, with its paws and eyes continually following the skater all around the screen.

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