Navigating a Least Empowering Environment

Thriving in a least empowering environment is one of the hardest things to do. Once again, I am learning that social skills (read: being part of the ingroup) trump everything. As an introvert who has a penchant for honesty (read: tell it like it is type of girl), I have a hard time finding my place in groups where personality seems to matter more than character or integrity.

I find it least empowering when any or all of these are present:

  • Subjective judgments prevail over objective observations.
  • Inputs are disregarded not because they are invalid but because of personal biases on the person giving them.
  • Fairness is weak at best.
  • Groupthink and the risk of becoming an outcast when providing ideas that contradict the views of the majority.
  • Inability to own up to mistakes.
  • Excuses instead of accountability.
  • Lack of transparency.

I think the only way to survive in this kind of environment without further eroding my self-belief and confidence is to just let everything slide. I just hope that integrity will prevail. All I ask is the objectivity and fairness to judge my progress. And that it will not be hindered by existing biases. Frankly, I have almost given up on that.



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