Losing 4 Kilograms in 7 Weeks

My love for food surpasses my desire for a lot of things in life. So it is not a surprise for me that I am a bit ambivalent when it comes to losing weight. Over the years, I have gained over 14kg (30.86lbs) of extra weight. I have had brief moments when I wanted to shed some extra pounds. But the attempts did not last long for lack of commitment and motivation.

About 7 weeks ago though, I had this sudden thought of trying to lose weight again. I’ve been having a tough time in kendo. I felt sluggish most of the time. And I have long been having a hard time developing my stamina. My body felt too heavy.

A men's single scull (M1x) athlete after training during the 2008 Asian Olympic Qualifying in Shanghai.
A men’s single scull (M1x) athlete carrying his roughly 14kg racing shell after training during the 2008 Asian Olympic Qualifying in Shanghai.

I imagine my weight as this 14kg rowing racing shell that I am carrying around all the time. This mental image somehow puts my weight problem in perspective. I may not be able to get rid of the weight at one go like single scullers do as soon as they put down the boat. But I could at least try to do it slowly until I reach my weight goal.

I started my new weight loss journey on January 7, 2016. But it was slow going at first. I was stuck to my starting weight for about 2 weeks. I guess my heart was not really into it. Things changed soon after I began experiencing pain from my old knee injury. This happened around the same time that both my Achilles heels were sore after my kendo training. I realized then that I had to take losing weight more seriously if I want to avoid aggravating the problems.

The recurring pains I had on my knee and Achilles heels prompted me to take a break from kendo again. I needed time to rest and recover. So I was not optimistic that I would be able to lose much weight when I had to stop training for some time. I had no particular weight loss plan in mind. I just decided to reactivate a MyFitnessPal account that has been dormant for over a year now. I tried to stick with the 1200-calorie diet every day. I enjoyed the same foods I did before but I was more conscious about portion control. I avoided eating out. But I did not say no to dinner meet-ups with friends. I am happy to say that in those 7 weeks, I have dined out (and ate a lot!)  with friends in at least 4 different occasions. Despite the indulgences, I have somehow managed to make better food choices. It was not easy given the temptations.

I guess concerns about old and potentially new injuries triggered my motivation to lose weight. The no-pressure weight loss strategy also helped me to shed 4kgs (8.82lbs) in a span of 7 weeks. That may not sound much. But given my lack of exercise while on break from kendo, I’ll have to say that losing that much is already a big win for me. I cannot wait to go back to training soon, especially since I think I am now on a weight loss plateau. One thing is for sure though, I am now fired up to reach my target weight.


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