How will your 2016 be?

So a friend took this quiz and it got me curious. I thought I might as well give it a try for fun. I’m loving the results  although I’m curious about number 1. I haven’t really thought of owning a car. I even flatly refused my dad’s attempts to convince me and my sisters to let him buy a new one. This was about two years after he wrecked his car in an accident that traumatized us.  Still, I don’t mind it being there. One of the things I’ve learned over the years is that nothing’s absolute. Who knows, I might develop a liking for driving and owning my own car. For now, I’d be happy with the rest.

2016 for me

[How will your 2016 be? quiz]


2 thoughts on “How will your 2016 be?

  1. 2015 for me was really awesome. Like you said: “nothing’s absolute”. I have never thought I would travel solo by myself years ago, but last year, I managed to visit Egypt and even Dubai all by myself. Last year also marked my busiest year of me, while I traveled to 7 countries from Europe, Africa, Asia and even Australia! Wish you all the best this year!

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