The 5 Stages of Agony in Kendo Practice After 8 Weeks of Absence

1. Denial

I’m not coming back.
I’m just here to see if I still have it in me.
This pain is nothing.

2. Anger

Why am I doing this?!?!
I already left, didn’t I?!?! So what the hell am I doing here?!?!
OMG, I hate myself for doing this!!!
When is this torture going to end?!?!

3. Bargaining

Oh God, Buddha, the Universe! Please make this agony stop. I promise to practice more after this.

4. Depression

I really suck at this.
I feel so sad for being bad at this.

5. Acceptance

Things will only get better from here. I know it will. I may have to start back at zero. But rock bottom isn’t that bad. Because there’s no other way but up.


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