Back from a trip that started with a luggage woe

I was at the Davao airport last September 1 when something quite unexpected happened. As I grabbed the side handle of my almost 14-month old luggage it came off with the metal cap flying to God knows where. I was flustered not only because it was the first time that something like that happened to me. I actually trusted my luggage to last longer than the old one which served me for about 13 years before I retired it.

There was a long queue behind me when it happened so I hurriedly used the top handle to lift the luggage onto the x-ray conveyor. As I waited for check-in, I could not help but worry about the state of my suitcase. I wondered if it would survive the trip intact. It was a new experience for me. I cannot remember feeling the same in my travels with my old luggage. And it was not exactly a comforting way to start a journey.

My recent travel took me to Manila, Abu Dhabi, Geneva, Aix les Bains, Paris, Brussels, and Antwerp. Thankfully, both the top handle and the trolley handle survived the trip. But my concerns about their reliability lingered the entire time. Especially when I had to use any of those two handles left to lug my suitcase. I had serious trust issue each time I had to lift the luggage to put it in cars, metros, and trains. It went through multiple trips on stairs in metro and train stations in a span of two weeks.

One of the first things I did when I got back was to visit the store where I bought it. I had a chat with other sales people there while waiting for the person in charge of that particular product. From what I gleaned, my luggage model/type has one of the more numbers of repair requests made. I also found out that unbeknownst to me, my previous luggage was a Japan brand. And in my biased opinion, it explains why I’ve used it for over 10 years without it giving me problems even once.

I then went to the brand’s shop in another mall to ask about the repair. And I learned that it would take 4 months to fix that freakin’ handle. As I read what was written on the form, I could not help but feel like it failed to capture the gist of the problem. There was nothing about the inconveniences. Neither does it reflect the anxiety of worrying about my luggage while I was on my trip.

Somehow I find this report disappointing.
Somehow, I find this report disappointing.

I will just hope that I won’t have to experience the same thing again. I am not a frequent traveler. I have used that luggage twice only since I bought it last year. All I know now is that it sucks to lug around a suitcase with one of its handles broken, especially across different places and through various modes of transportation.


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