Dining during dinner rush at Lyndon’s Worlds Worst Ribs and Awful Chicken Restaurant

Davao City may be my hometown, but it is still mostly unexplored territory to me. I spent most of my childhood days in my grandparents’ home in Davao del Norte. I only stayed in our home in the city when I started high school. Then I left for college in Manila soon after I graduated. In the four years I was studying in Davao, it was basically home-school-home for me. I did not really like going out for as long as I can remember. So I do not know much about our city.

I have been rediscovering Davao since I came back from Manila in 2009. I am still far from learning as much as I should by this time. But it is fun for me to discover new things about it as they come. Just this Friday night, I had a chance to experience the nightlife at Roxas avenue. I am familiar with the place since it is along the area where the college campus of my high school alma mater is located. From what I understood before, the street comes to life at night. And I finally got the chance to see it for myself.

I was expecting a place bustling with activity given all the things I have heard about it. But nothing prepared me for the huge crowd and traffic. It was because of all the days my friends and I could meet there, it had to be on a Friday night during the week of Kadayawan Festival. It was also a holiday and the day before the Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan event. I imagine that most of the people I saw there were local tourists from different parts of the country. My friend told me that he had a hard time booking an accommodation since all the hotels and inns were fully booked.

The whole stretch of Roxas street was teeming with people and vehicles. Traffic was crawling. It took me some time to reach our meeting place. It was a lot like being in Myeong-dong sans all the awesome shops that draw people there. But what gave me the same vibe were the makeshift stalls selling clothes, food, trinkets, and a wide array of souvenirs. There was also that sea of people walking along the street. It was fun and overwhelming at the same time.

Signage in front of the restaurant
Signage in front of the restaurant

One of my friends led us to Lyndon’s World’s Worst Ribs and Awful Chicken. It was one of the many commercial and food establishments there. We arrived during dinner rush so I was not expecting much from our dining experience. The three of us met while working for a chain of a well-known group of restaurants. So we understand how crazy it gets once the rush begins.

Surprisingly, everything went smoothly. The service may not be at par with the standards in the restaurant we worked for before. But it was not bad either. It was several notches better than some I have experienced in the many restaurants I have been to here in Davao. The names on the menu were a misnomer. There was nothing bad about the ribs which the three of us had. It was tasty and tender. The shrimps we ordered tasted fresh.

Some of the items on the menu
Some of the items on the menu
More of what's on the menu.
More of what’s on the menu.
I was tempted to order the Tasteless Pancit Canton.
I was tempted to order the Tasteless Pancit Canton.

I now understand why some people say it is one of the local restaurants to visit when in Davao. I was happy with the food we had and it was worth what we paid for. It is one of the places in the city where you can find good food at great value for your money.

Ribs and shrimps.
Ribs and shrimps.
The worst ribs in town...NOT.
The worst ribs in town…NOT.

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