The 3 Best Things about August in Davao

I love August. And I’m loving it even more since I came back to my hometown. Here are the three best things about this month which are on top of everything that living in Davao entails.

1. In-Season Fruits

Rambutan and mangosteen
Rambutan and mangosteen

It’s the season of fruits. Mangosteen that costs as much as Php150-200/kilo during off-season are everywhere. Several makeshift stalls and parked vehicles sell them for as low as Php35/kilo. There’s also plenty of fruits like marang, rambutan, and durian. I usually have a limited list of fruits I like (i.e. ripe mangoes, avocados, marang, and lanzones). But even I get excited and have so much fun eating these colorful and delicious fruits.

2. Kadayawan Festival

It’s a festive time for the city. The events leading to Kadayawan week add to the build-up of anticipation and excitement. It’s a fitting festival not just to appreciate and highlight nature and bountiful harvests. It’s also a time to pay tribute to the city and region’s different indigenous people.

3. Sale and Big Discounts Everywhere

I’m more of a foodie than a shopaholic. I know that there are sales everywhere but I’m still surprised by the big discounts I get when I end up shopping. Yesterday I went to an eye center to have my eyes checked. It turned out my eye grade increased by .75 since the last time I had it checked. I had to have my eyeglasses’ lenses replaced while there. I was surprised that it was cheaper than I expected. I even got a surprise gift of colored contact lenses with my eye grade. It seems like all stores in the malls take part on the city-wide sales that last for weeks.

I may be biased about this since I live here. But I’ve been gone for almost 20 years before coming back so I’m still discovering a lot about this city. If there’s one thing I can say, it may not be perfect. But staying here doesn’t make me regret leaving Manila.


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