4 Things To Do. Just Because.

A friend posted this video on Facebook and asked an interesting question, “What does settling down mean nowadays anyway?” I am curious to know the answer to that as well. I have checked 23 out of the list so does that mean I am close to settling down? I think not. My current lifestyle does not exactly fit the more popularly accepted concept of being “settled”. But times are changing and I see more people who have chosen to challenge the stereotype.

Many things in life are worth doing. Just because. And this video further inspired me to do more, especially the four things I am still working on:

3. be financially independent ~ I consider this a work in progress. While there are indeed things that money cannot buy to achieve happiness and fulfillment in life, having some makes it easier to get things done sooner.
12. live somewhere else ~ I am not counting the almost two decades I spent away from home when I was living in another part of the country. Living somewhere in Europe for three months to make the most of the trip does not count as well. I am thinking more of staying in a different country, preferably the one closest to my heart, for at least a year or two.
13. learn to drive manual ~ I have not really been keen on learning to drive for as long as I remember. But it is a practical thing to learn. Maybe soon.
23. apply for your dream job ~ A job that involves writing, traveling, and serving others would be a dream. I am currently doing my best in doing all three although it would be great to do them while being paid handsomely.

Carpe diem.


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