Narita Airport shuttle buses – Cheaper than the train, but which bus is best?

One of my most memorable experiences in Japan was the shuttle bus trip from Narita airport to Tokyo. I am having a hard time recalling which shuttle we used since everything was arranged by the travel agents assigned to our group. All I remember was how my friend Ani and I were so thrilled taking in the sights the entire time that we did not notice how far we had to travel to get to our hotel in Shinagawa. Good times.



Most tourists to Japan will come in and out through Tokyo’s Narita Airport. But like many international airports, Narita is not exactly on the doorstep of a major destination city, and travellers headed for Tokyo will usually make the 60-kilometer (36-mile) journey to the metropolis via the Narita Express, a high-speed rail service with a single-trip fare of 3020 yen (US $25.34).

What’s perhaps less well-known is there are two budget bus services that take you from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station for as little as 900 yen. Tokyo Shuttle and The Access Narita seem to offer similar airport shuttle services, but which is the better option?  And can they match the Narita Express in comfort and convenience? We sent one of our Japanese reporters to test out both services and find out!

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2 thoughts on “Narita Airport shuttle buses – Cheaper than the train, but which bus is best?

  1. took the Tokyo Shuttle on the way to the airport at the conclusion of my stay in Japan, since my dorm was in Odaiba. good times, indeed! and good memories of the Oedo Onsen 🙂 if you live in Odaiba, you can go to the hotel in front of the Aqua City Mall to book a seat on the Tokyo Shuttle.

    1. Anna Liese, I now remember we took the airport bus Narita Airport⇔Ebisu and Shinagawa that dropped us off at our hotel at Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa or Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa New Takanawa ata yun forgot which one exactly basta isa sa mga yon. Very convenient. 🙂

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