Some How-To Resources – A Kendo Beginner’s List

One of the challenges of being a beginner is finding the information I need when I need them. And that includes where to purchase gears, how to properly wear the kendo-gi and hakama, and attaching the himos on the bogu men for the first time.

Since we are all newbies in the club except for our teacher, we do not have more experienced senpais who could serve as role models for us. It can also be tough sometimes when we basically have to find out what we need to know on our own.

Given my recent troubles with my men himo, I realized that it would be a great help to beginners like me to have easy access to a list of how-to videos.

Thanks to a fellow kendoka who gave me links to four videos on how to attach the chichikawa and men himo, I was able to fix the problem I had with mine.

Below are the said videos along with other resources that I find helpful:



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