Things that sucked about last night’s keiko

Early bird.
Early bird.

Last night’s keiko is one of the worst ones I’ve had since I started Kendo. And I only have myself to blame for it. It sucked because:

1. I felt heavy and sluggish. No surprise there since I’m seriously overweight. I’m essentially carrying excess weight equivalent to a single (1x) rowing racing shell.

Motivating myself to lose the excess pounds by imagining what a relief it would be to get rid of the extra weight that’s roughly the same with this rower’s boat. Source: (click image for photo link)

2. I didn’t have the stamina to make keiko feel less hellish like it was last night.

3. I didn’t see stars. Instead, I felt like I was in the middle of a black hole where all light was being sucked out of me.

4. Recovering from the colds and fever that sidelined me last training day coupled with the late nights and the overindulgence over the holidays was a recipe for a not-so-good practice.

5. Wardrobe malfunctions, or more specifically, men and do himo issues chipped away my confidence further. And it was a bit of letdown to get reminded that asking for help has rarely given me any since the beginnings of my Kendo journey. Lesson learned: don’t expect any help at all when I get into trouble. I just have to learn to figure things out by myself and hope that I get them right.

Forget: “The strength of the team is its weakest man.”

It seems to me that Kendo is very much an individual sport/martial art.

Still, it sucks when I feel like I’m the weakest link. I feel you, Jon Snow. I know nothing.

(click image for source)



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