Today’s Discovery – It’s Never Too Late to Develop a Liking for Fruit Cake

Fruit cake was nowhere on my list of favorite Holiday treats before. I have had my share of some since I was a kid and never developed a liking for it. But if there is one thing I learned this Christmas, never is such a strong word to associate with a lot of things in life. And sometimes being wrong is not as painful as it often seems. In fact, it may  even pave the way for some pleasant discoveries.

My friend Deanna gave me a fruit cake that she brought home with her from Cagayan de Oro. While I appreciated the gesture when her little boy handed it to me, I honestly was wondering how I would be able to finish it. I did not have fond memories of the fruit cakes I have tasted in the past. I remember some of them tasted dry while others were overpowered by the strong taste of brandy or whatever type of liquor is used to make them. But the present I got was not I expected it to be. I like that it is moist and the liquory taste just enough to blend well with the rest of ingredients. For a Noche Buena and Christmas day treat, it is a delightful addition worth savoring, especially with a hot mug of tea or coffee.




(Note: I was not able to take photos of the fruit cake I got so I asked my friend to send me some. Credit for the photos goes to Deanna Jumawan.)


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