A Japanese Dinner at Kamo

My sister has been telling me about her new favorite Japanese restaurant for a few weeks now. She has already brought several of her friends there that she’d been dining at the place at least twice a week since her first visit. Finally, it was our turn to eat there last night with our cousins. We arranged to meet at the mall near the restaurant after my Kendo training.

Kamo is located a few meters away from the Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School in Damosa. It’s one of the establishments in a row of stalls at what looked like a quiet compound. I’m unfamiliar with the area so I can’t give much details about the place.

Our group decided to sit outside since we didn’t want to bother the other diners seated inside with our chatter. Luckily, one of the three monoblock tables that comprise the store’s outside seating was unoccupied when we arrived. We ordered what my sister recommended to us. I told her that I’ll be happy to eat anything they get as long as I can have my cold noodles. She then ordered gyoza and two sets of Yakitori at Kushiya, the other Japanese restaurant a few stalls away. Apparently, diners from both restaurants can cross-order if they want.

Okonomiyaki, cold noodles, and ramen at Kamo.
Okonomiyaki (mix), cold noodles, and ramen at Kamo with the gyoza (at the middle) from Kushiya.
Yakitori set from Kushiya.
Yakitori set from Kushiya.

I loved all the food we ordered. But the okonomiyaki was the biggest winner for me. It tasted much better than how I remember it to be. I don’t know why but despite my obsession with Japanese food I tend to skip the dish in favor of my usual picks. I’m glad I finally tasted it again after what seem like so many years.

Less than a day since we pigged out at Kamo and I’m already craving for the okonomiyaki, the cold noodles, and the ramen. But I’m hoping I could resist those the next time I visit so I could try the other selections on their menu.


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