It’s a matter of trust

This video’s laugh out loud funny. Or more like, laugh out loud at myself funny. Because I’m not a cat lover for nothing. Apparently, I’m cat-like in many ways. What makes this video resonate to me even more is this week’s unfortunate lesson, out of the many other similar ones I’ve had in the past.

Many who don’t know me well mistakenly believe that I’m not a trusting person. Maybe because I prefer my solitude more than being around people. But don’t get me wrong. I love people. I like listening, observing, and learning from people. But being around crowds for long stretches of time exhaust me. I need a lot of private time to recharge. Being alone from time to time doesn’t mean I don’t trust people enough to be with them. I’m actually quite naive or to put it bluntly, I’m such a sucker that I put myself through a lot of discomforts because of it.

This week’s unfortunate incident was no exception. A former co-officer in a local sports organization sent me a text message middle of this week asking for my opinion about something. Since I’ve always been that person who prefers finding solutions when presented with a problem, I offered some possible workarounds to what I thought was a simple issue. The problem was resolved in less than 30 minutes thanks to a former teammate who was in a position to offer the right help.

I thought that was the end of it. So I was horrified when I found out that the person who sent me the message wrote an article about it, which was later printed on a local newspaper. It was upsetting because it turned out there is more to it that I didn’t know about. But what’s more frustrating for me was I found it highly unethical for someone to quote me without asking my permission. And the saddest thing about it was I somehow inadvertently dragged myself and my friend into the middle of a (minor) point of contention among the people involved. An issue that was so easy to resolve that it didn’t have to be blown out of proportion.

At the end of the day though, this image captures what I think about trust and the betrayal of the trust I seem to freely give around:

via (click image for source link)
via (click image for source link)



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