It’s a Black but not bleak Saturday

For as long as I can remember, Holy Week’s been a time of quiet for me. It’s all about enjoying solitude, reading, a bit of reflecting, and doing anything that fancies me. I don’t usually go out much so today’s quick trip downtown wasn’t one of my usual Black Saturday things to do. But I had to go out to meet my cousin who’s bringing me something from her mom – a thank you present for a favor I’ve done a few weeks back.

Being out and about for a brief period of time today brought me fodder for some interesting thoughts and simple pleasures like:

Espresso Booster~how the intense heat seems to make everything shimmer and look vibrant
~how a whisper of breeze makes me so thankful that I forget how I hate the heat
~how surprised I was that there were so many people out in the mall
~how it’s pleasant to spend time in a bookstore and thinking I wouldn’t mind waiting for hours for anyone as long as I’m in there
~how nice to see my pretty cousin again after a long time
~how happiness comes in unexpected surprises from family
~how a bottle of espresso booster (crunchy bits of espresso covered in dark chocolates) makes me think again how great it is to be alive
~how anything with coffee and dark chocolate can be a source of happiness

And to top it all, the first episode of Satoh Takeru’s Bitter Blood is now up!


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