The Good About Bad Days

Some days just feel so off that you want to tune everything out. And today’s definitely one of those days. With so many things going on that seem to stretch me past my limits, I’m beginning to think I’ve gone numb. But if there’s one thing good about bad days is that finding the littlest, most surprising things can seem like a miracle. I like how hidden in these “off” days are shallow, silly, and simple things that uplift me.

In the midst of almost losing my perspective comes lessons on happiness arriving in different guises:

QOTD ~ “Most people don’t know there are angels whose only job is to make sure you don’t get too comfortable & fall asleep & miss your life.” ~ Brian Andreas

Bad things that seem to hover around for long periods of time tend to become familiar fixtures in your life. The discomfort becomes so ordinary that it turns into something comfortable. Not that there’s anything comfortable with suffering. But you could get used to its presence. Unknowingly, you could start losing yourself in worries, fears, uncertainties, and underlying grief.

Today, someone I didn’t know reminded me that happiness can be found from little acts other people do. And that indirectly, those actions could matter to someone. Little did I know earlier that happiness could come from a box of donuts my sister’s friend gave to her.

This week’s dispatch from the stars ~ Virgo: This week, the world is going to let you deepen your roots; the world is going to give you all the warmth and sunlight and water that you need. Try not to worry, just for now, about every complicated thing in your world. Think of yourself as a tree, as a forest, as a field of wildflowers; as part of the natural world, like all your growth is right and simple and good. Try to get enough sleep. Try to spend time outside. Try to move like you’ve never even doubted yourself.

And best of all, my Matchas of Happiness ~ What makes this the best of all the good things is the simple joys of stumbling on something new and unexpected. It all began with the box of J Co donuts from one of my sister’s friends that I haven’t met. I’m not a fan of donuts so I wasn’t as excited as my sister when she opened the box. But I have to admit my eyes quickly went straight to the green-colored donuts in the mix.

Mr Green Tea, Alcapone, Green Tease, Blueberry More, & Heaven Berry donuts (photo grabbed from my sister's FB wall)
Mr Green Tea, Alcapone, Green Tease, Blueberry More, & Heaven Berry donuts (photo grabbed from my sister’s FB wall)

I thought that it would be nice if they were green tea-flavored, which could pair well with my mug of Green Tea Matcha Blend. So it was quite a pleasant surprise to discover that the Mr Green Tea and Green Tease donuts are as good as they looked in the box. The pairing with my still warm matcha drink is the perfect pick-me-up to what have been a series of dreary days.

(click image for source)
(click image for source)
(click image for source)

If there’s anything good about bad days, it would be the many opportunities to find happiness from the unexpected. It’s just a matter of seeing them for what they are and immersing with childlike delight in the experience.



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