Excerpt of the day ~ On the Beauty of Failure

“Steve Prefontaine, known simply as Pre to the hordes of teenage runners who idolized him, once said, “Somebody may beat me, but they are going to have bleed to do it.” It’s the type of thing you’d expect from a cocky 21-year-old American at the top of his game, a runner who tried to blaze the last mile of the Munich 5,000-meter final in a suicidal four minutes so no one could sit and kick on the final lap to steal the win. In running, kickers get both hate and glory. A good kicker will sit on your shoulder no matter how slow the pace. He’ll go through a mile in five minutes and change if he has to, so long as he’s in the right position when he hits his spot—600 meters out, 400 meters out, 200 meters if he’s really got wheels. Pre wanted to turn every race into a guts race, to kill any chance of a long kick by stringing the pack out early. He said he wanted to create something beautiful when he ran. But there is beauty, too, in failure—in the world watching you run out of gas in the final fifty meters of a 5K. There is beauty in watching first, second and third place overtake you, knowing you’ve got nothing left to chase them. Beauty means there is always someone behind you who is willing to bleed.” ~ Like Tiny Little Cracks by Justin Brouckaert


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