Olympism at its best

It was worth watching the figure skating events two days in a row. To see Michael Martinez’ performance was of course my foremost reason. But there’s this other motivation that made me force myself to stay awake until the wee hours of the morning long after Martinez’ routine was finished.

I so wanted to see Yuzuru Hanyu perform. I was rooting for him to win that gold even before that awesome short program of his. My heart felt like it jumped out and got stuck on frigid ground when he landed badly on his first jump.

But like all the other figure skaters who fell during their routines, he stood up and battled on. After all, falling is part of the game. And so are quickly coming back up and fighting to the end.

Olympians are such amazing people. And I think that beyond all the stories of great feats and losses that we see on TV and read on the news, there’s something to be said about the IOC and the entire Olympic Movement that continue to promote the ideals of Olympism that inspire us through this biggest world sporting event.


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