Finding Happy

01.16.2014 “Writing is closer to thinking than speaking.” ~new notebooks with my QOTD, a pen, iced cafe latte with soymilk, cranberry biscotti (which was good as the barista said it would be), a quiet coffee shop, my favorite spot, and the wait to watch 47 Ronin = happiness ~

What makes a good day? Nothing much, really. You just have to be fully present in the series of moments that unfold. Some so fleeting that they could escape you if you get distracted.

The best events in life sometimes escape us when we are brimming with so many things that we hold on to. To make a good day is to empty ourselves before we set out.

Maybe the best way to start is to consciously let go of what preoccupies our minds and hearts. Spend a brief moment to revisit what was – relive them, appreciate them, and leave them behind. Both the good and the bad. Every single day, we let go. Only then we become more prepared to embrace the happiness that awaits us.


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