JDrama wisdom


Mamoru Hoshino’s Father: Do you understand, Mamoru? A woman is a being who can talk about inconsequential things forever to her husband who came back home after work. If your wife begins talking about meaningless things, then, count the stations of the Yamanote line in your head. And when you get to terminal stations, alternatingly say, “I see” and “Indeed” in a pleasant manner. If you keep doing this, by the time you return to Tokyo station, your wife should have completed her story. ~ 独身貴族(Dokushin Kizoku)

~ ^_^ ~

I enjoyed watching this drama. I initially thought that what his father said was sexist. But I sort of get where he’s coming from. After all, meaningless chatter is something that a lot of people have to suffer through, regardless of the gender of the person(s) they’re talking to.

And I love how the story played out. Lots of relatable moments with Mamoru-san (ably and endearingly played by Tsuyoshi Kusanagi). The “Yamanote line” and “personal space” got me.

Cheesy in some parts, but realistic and romantic enough to make me fall in love with the idea of love again.


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