It’s always a good morning, world!

Early morning in Isla Reta
Early morning in Isla Reta

What’s better than waking up early?

That would be waking up early after having enough sleep feeling fresh, light, and enthusiastic. It’s not about having that everything-is-perfect-nothing-will-go-wrong feeling, but more of a whatever-happens-I’ll-do-whatever-it-takes kind of thing. Things just take on an infinitely better mantle if one starts the day early.

And on that thought, day one of my rediscovering self-discipline project started.

I used to have a 9pm-4am sleep-wake cycle. A sleep routine developed initially because the coaches said so and, later, by choice. The self-discipline of sleeping as early as I can and waking up at the dark hours of dawn stuck even long after I retired from competitive sport.

But the thing with self-discipline, at least in my case, is that things that I allowed to happen diminished it until I’m left wondering where the better part of myself took off to.

I’m buried deep in sleep debt right now, which frustrates me to no end. I’m mentally, physically, and emotionally drained most of the time. My energy reserves are always in short supply. And self-discipline has become a blurry concept of a life once lived differently.

That’s why I’m on a self-imposed project to fix it. Because I know the difference of what sleeping early and getting out of bed as dawn breaks can do to my overall outlook in life.

Things get done
Things get done wonderfully
Things get done wonderfully while you realize you have it in you to make things happen.

Sleep early, sleep deep, and wake up before the sun rises. That’s the plan.

If I regain the self-discipline to do that, I can pretty much challenge myself to do just about anything.


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