Another day

Just when you begin to think you’ve probably seen the worst real and reel horrific acts of terrorism, you find yourself confronted with yet another incomprehensibly senseless event. The whys are endless. It’s difficult to imagine and understand what motivates those behind all the carnage and violence.

Is it about an underlying need or desire to ruin the remaining visages of what makes us humans? What higher purpose or gain is there that requires the taking of innocent lives? Why cause harm in people who join events that display humanity’s spirit and nobleness?

Principles, proving a point, revenge, or just because. All these can’t explain the sickening toll – lives changed or taken – more collateral damages of wars many of us don’t even understand.

Another day marred with pointless terror. Another sad day. And yet it’s another day to feel a rekindling of hope in everything that makes us human. One only has to listen, read, and watch the many acts of kindness to see that sowing fear and misery cannot extinguish people’s faith in humanity.


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