Hot Days Are Here Again

Hello, summer!
Hello, summer!

It’s the second day in a row that we’ve reached 34°C. With no a/c to relieve the oppressive heat, my mind wanders off to distant places and realms of possibilities where there are reasons to be grateful for hot days like today. Below are some of the things that make intensely hot summer days great in my mind:

  • Temporary relief from rainy days. Not that I hate rainy days. It’s just that they have this annoying habit of flooding streets and putting traffic into a sluggish crawl. While I enjoy the sight and sound of rain, I prefer to do so inside the comforts of my home or a cozy coffee shop.
  • Sweat, surf, and seawater. I’m not much of a beach person, but I do appreciate the carefree and relaxing atmosphere of being near the water. Imagining sun-kissed days on a beach makes me thankful of summer days.
  • Every-flavored ice candies. Summers are for kids, and the forever kids at heart. I remember summer days in my grandparents’ hometown when my grandmother used to make ice candies from the fruits harvested from the backyard. Sweet mangoes, delicious avocados, tangy guavas, refreshing starfruits, and many more. There’s nothing quite like eating homemade, refreshing, and delighfult ice fruit pops that I watched my grandmother make.
  • Character-building in disguise. The excessive heat can test even the most persevering soul. It’s easy when you’re spending most of the day inside an airconditioned room. But the heat takes on a whole new meaning when there’s nothing but a light breeze to cool you off. Patience and perseverance are just two of the things that can get tested as the heat spikes up the levels of discomfort.
  • Hanging clothes to dry. Hot days are great days to do the laundry. I’ve always loved seeing blankets and clothing hanging and drying out under the fierce heat of the sun.
  • Because it’s not going to be sunny all the time. Whenever I catch myself resenting the heat, I try to think of the days I’m wishing for it. It may be sunny and hot today, but there will be times when I won’t be seeing much sunlight for days. I think of it as soaking up every bit of sun I can get. That way, I’d be able to draw some happiness out of the memories of fine, hot summer days

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