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A character in a 2012 Taiwanese drama I watched a few months back said, “the lower you can squat, the higher you can jump.” He meant it figuratively although it works literally for me as well.

It’s not a stretch to agree with him, in whatever context it may apply at any given moment. Extremely frustrating experiences make for those moments in life when you need to accept disappointments and setbacks. Much like lowering yourself to a squat position with weights equal or greater than your own. Whether it is a person or a situation, it really doesn’t kill you to feel you’ve squatted low enough. After all, why you’re doing it is nobody’s business but your own. More so if you’re primary motivation is to prepare yourself to launch higher.

However, I believe it applies mostly to things or people you are still willing to fight for. If it’s something that truly matters, then go do that squat as deep as you can manage. But if it only brings you farther away from the path you wish to take, if it breeds nothing but unhappiness, if it slowly seeps away whatever confidence, enthusiasm, and belief you have then it’s time to stand up and walk away.

Some things are worth as many squats as you can do while others are not. Learn the difference.


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