A Heartfelt Valentine’s Day

“Para sa mga walang date sa Valentine’s, ito ay Singles Awareness Day. Para sa mga masaya na walang date sa Valentine’s, ito ay Singles Independence Day. Sa mga walang pakialam, ang tawag dito ay Thursday.” ~ Sen. Miriam Santiago

Today started out fun especially with another quotable quote from a woman I admire, madam Sen Miriam. If I were to be honest about this whole Valentine’s thing, it’s that one event of the year where I find myself at the sidelines as if watching a play unfold. A favorite writer wrote an interesting piece here that captured much of my thoughts about “Valentine’s Day”.

For as long as I can remember, Valentine’s day has always been about the romance. And I  believe that it’s not a bad thing. You get a day in a year when love gets to be the star of everyone’s show. In a romantic love or not, it gives you a day to celebrate the feeling or state more fervently than ever.

I still haven’t figured out the exact reason why Valentine’s Day has become a much-celebrated event. One story that stands out is that of St. Valentine’s who purportedly defied rules to perform his duties as a priest. He made marriages possible for couples forbidden to marry, a defiant act against restrictive laws in place at that time.

There’s been much focus given on the romantic side of the tale. After all, it’s a happy occasion for people to find love and have it sealed by the sanctity of marriage. Today though, I’m thinking about the man behind the legend. He may have been moved by the romance surrounding the plight of people who sought his help to make their marriages possible. But his life and acts, if true, seemed grounded on a different kind of love. It’s not easy to defy odds to do something that you truly believe in. He must have been driven by love for something that made him do what he did.

This year’s Valentine’s for me is about love beyond the romance it inspires with another person. It’s taking the time to celebrate a deep love for life. One that fully embraces everything that comes along with it. So here’s to every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day that I wake up and fall in love over and over again for the things that come my way. For family, friends, peers, opportunities, challenges, wisdom, and everything in between. To be alive to experience the kind of deep love one’s capable of having is a celebration in itself.

A heartfelt, happy Valentine’s day to me and everyone else. May our hearts continue to grow stronger in love for everything that we hold dear. And may we have the courage to fight all the odds that hinder us from doing what we love.


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