My List of Favorite Apps

Top and fave picks clustered on my homescreen

There’s now an app for everything! That’s my first thought after a search for a stopwatch app yielded several results. It seems that some brilliant minds out there continue to come up with software applications that make life easier. And give the rest of us more reason to get too attached to our mobile devices. I’m not much of a techie person, but lately I’ve grown fond of some apps that I find very useful, entertaining, and interesting.

  • BAND – My friend Bixie introduced me to this. It offers a UI/UX that’s a gem. I like my apps simple, but not to the point of sacrificing the visuals. This app’s design and colors appeal to me. I love how this can be my secret hideout or a group hangout place. I can create albums by categories and “add” family and friends who may share the same interest. Other features include the board, gallery, chat, schedule, and members for each BAND. I still haven’t explored much of it. But judging from what I’ve seen so far, I know I’ll really enjoy using it.
  • Catch – This is a productivity app similar to Evernote. I haven’t tinkered with it much since I downloaded it. But I got hooked by the idea that I can capture and store ideas with it. The UI looks fresh and easy to use.
  • Evernote – It’s my first productivity app. UI looks clean and very simple. It’s an extremely helpful tool when I’m doing some projects that I need to keep track of. But I have to admit I still don’t get most of it yet.
  • Fruit Ninja – I have this thanks to my youngest sister who seemed to think it weird that I didn’t have games on my tab. I had fun playing this a few times. But the suspense is shaving off minutes or maybe hours from my life. So I stopped. I’m still keeping it just in case I get cooped somewhere with zero possibility of excitement.
  • KakaoTalk – This is another Bixie find from way back. And I’ve had tons of amazing times with this. I’m comfortable with the UI/UX. Chat features are designed to make communication across miles more interesting. I’ve lost track of how often they’ve rolled out new features. All I know is that each time made it even better.
  • MyFitnessPal – This was a good find since I used to do my calorie intake and diet tracking manually. It’s interactive, although I opted out of the sharing options. I want to keep my updates private.
  • Piano Master Free – Same reason as the Fruit Ninja‘s. I like this since it’s the closest thing to being a novice pianist I could be. It’s the only “musical tool” I could play. And fairly well, too.
  • Pocket – This is perfect for voracious readers like me. It’s very handy when I come across articles that I don’t have time to read. Pocket essentially allows you to save it for later reading or watching since it works for videos and other content. Accessibility is also a plus because I could do some catch up reading even when I’m not connected to a WiFi or Internet.
  • Remember the Milk – Whoever created this app just made many to-do-list people happier. I still do old-school with pen, paper, and all. But Remember the Milk has always been a good “other” option for me. I’m a fan of its simple, clean, and easy to use design.
  • TED – I’m a TED fangirl so I was excited to find an app where I can access fascinating, thought-provoking, and inspiring talks.
  • Tumblr – I could probably stay away from most of my other social media accounts except Tumblr. Over the years, I still find it interesting. There’s a lot of creative content. And I agree with what my friend said about how people there leave the impression of being “nicer”.

I hope to find more apps that feel right at first sight. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of them out there. For now, I’m happy with what I’ve got. ^^


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