Gearing up for another storm: Typhoon Pablo is coming to town

Another storm is coming. This time, it’s expected to hit closer to home. While heavy rains and windy days (or nights) will probably be normal in a few days in this part of Mindanao, some areas are preparing for worse.

image credit: Rappler (click image for source link)
image credit: Rappler (click image for source link)

Tropical storm Sendong left a devastating aftermath in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan in December 2011. A friend who works for an international aid organization shared the inexplicable myriad of feelings, especially in the first moment one sees what’s left in the wake of a destructive storm’s path. Infrastructure loss is nothing compared with lives lost. Nobody gets use to it no matter how many times one has seen it.

If there’s any upside in a storm it would be how people rally on. In a country where a typhoon visits almost every month, people eventually learn to anticipate, cope, and lend a helping hand. It is a time when as storm clouds gather, heavy rains start to fall, and gusty winds batter everything in their path, the kindness of people shine most.

As several areas are gearing up for another storm, others are preparing to extend helping hands before and after it hits. Helpful information have been going around social media sites as early as last week. Here’s one from a community of bloggers from the city hardest hit by Sendong last year:

CDO Bloggers' Typhoon Pablo (Bopha) Infographic (click image for source)
CDO Bloggers’ Typhoon Pablo (Bopha) Infographic (click image for source)

It’s December once again and there’s a storm coming. This scenario seems to have played out last year already, roughly at the same or nearby areas in this typhoon’s expected path. It’s said that Typhoon Pablo is much stronger than Tropical Storm Sendong. If that’s the case, it’s best for those living at the heart of the storm’s path to prepare and weather it through.

Buckle up.


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