5 reasons why it’s better not to agonize over every decision

Not everyone’s gifted with a decisive mindset. Some of us agonize over every decision, even if it’s just as simple as what we’re having for lunch.

Getting stuck in the process of weighing options is risky enough. But perhaps more worrisome is the tendency to agonize over decisions made, ones that were already acted on. It’s like trying to catch a glass of drinking water you’ve poured on a flowing river. Probably the best way to deal with decisions is to make them and move on because:

  • Everyone is perfect only in hindsight. – You wouldn’t have made a critical decision if you felt it wasn’t important at that time. If you didn’t make it, you’ll be stuck at the same place still debating with yourself. And a lot of things happen every minute you spend trying hard to find the best decision. Sometimes, trusting your gut and believing in yourself are the only things you can be certain of. If a decision leads to something good, you were right. If not, it’s almost impossible not to have learned something from it.
  • You can’t make the most of any decision if you’re stuck in the past. – You’ve taken the first step towards moving on the moment you made a decision. Don’t get yourself stuck again after taking crucial steps towards change. Spend time adjusting your bearings to the current reality. It’s more productive than looking back to what’s already a done deal.
  • Greener grassing is a cycle you can never win. – Thinking about how better things are everywhere else than your own backyard is classic greener grassing habit. But as you feast your eyes on what appear to be much better places, you’re missing out on what’s thriving and growing at the spot where you’re standing. There’s truth to the adage, “The grass is always greener where you water it”. instead of longing for better deals elsewhere, appreciate the place where you currently stand and imagine the possibilities. You’d make yourself happier. Even the grass would probably catch on and become greener if they feel it’s what you need to be happy.
  • Decisions are character-builders and great sources of life lessons. – It’s great if decisions worked out well for you. For those that didn’t, try to find the lessons you need to learn. It’s impossible not to mine even the simplest takeaway from the unpleasantness of not getting the result you want. Nobody walks around knowing everything. Chances are, those who do learned what they know from some painful experiences. Capture every lesson regardless of how difficult the process may be of learning them. You’ll be better off than most folks who shy away from mistakes. You’ll be ahead of the curve when it comes to stocking important knowledge of what work and what don’t.
  • You set the pace of your life. – It’s all about the pacing. Imagine runners at the starting line all eager to be the first out once the gun shoots off. But you’re not built to win a race of your life by overextending yourself. You go by your own pace, which requires patience and knowledge about your strengths and weaknesses. It’s hard to restrain yourself when you’re in a pack where winning is the goal. But winning a marathon is not just about being first at the finish. For most people, it’s about taking part and finishing the race at the best of their abilities. If running a race is only about winning the gold, then why is it you still see a bunch of “losers” joining as many races as they can over time? Run your own race and focus on pushing yourself. Success will come sooner or later.

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