Things to love about rain

  • When you hear it coming and turn around to see a curtain of rain fast approaching while you stand in the middle of a wooded area. The contrast between the light, silvery veil against the vivid greens and browns can be surreal.
  • The needle like feeling pressing on your face as you look up in surprise after being hit by the first few drops.
  • Looking out at the window as the raindrops obscure your view and the steady, relaxing sound as you cozy up inside a room.
  • The solitude of standing with an umbrella on a small pontoon in the middle of a reservoir as you wait for rowers to cross the line.
  • Rowing on calm and still waters broken by raindrops, your oars, and the boat.
  • Wearing raingear that keeps you dry even as the rain pounds heavily around you.
  • Umpiring duties under heavy rains.
  • That soothing sound raindrops create as they hit the ceiling.
  • Holding a clear umbrella as a drizzle makes the cold autumn air even colder.
  • Exploring an old post town amidst the backdrop of people, rain, fall colors, and a thickening fog.
  • The way the rain washes out the sweat as you do your running routine on emptying streets.
  • Feeling at peace with the world as the rain pours.
  • Drinking tea or coffee in a cafe with huge glass windows fogged up by the cold.

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