Your best is nothing

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“Daily Kickstart: Your Best is Nothing. Ok–before you say that i’m being hard on you or that i’m encouraging people not to celebrate their gifts+talents+progress, pls allow me to explain. This morning I worked out. Hard. I was doing squat jumps and jumping jacks and all sorts of strange manoeuvers with my trainer. Then we got to the pushups. “Go to failure,” she instructed. “I don’t do anything to failure,” i said–only half-joking. And then i got down on my hands. And gave it my best. I pushed out maybe 40 pushups and then stopped. It’s like my chest and arms just froze up as i reached the edge of my strength. “Now go for more,” she said. And guess what. I gave 15 more.

So here’s the point that I’m messily trying to make: often, we push to our best and fall into the trap of thinking this is all we have within us. But the truth is: that’s just our mental limits at play. We have more. We can do more. We can pushout more. And we can become more. Your best is nothing. So today, play big. Or go home.”  ~ Robin Sharma

I love this.

I believe that it’s instinctive for everyone to give his or her best at anything that matters. Nobody aims to fail. At least, as far as I know.

But the concept of “best” can indeed be limiting. It’s restrictive and subject to each individual’s definition. Between those who give their best and those who choose to do whatever it takes, I’m going all in for the latter.

Whatever it takes. Whatever the circumstances. The ones who prevail will be those who see limiting barriers and break through them.


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