How to disrupt your thinking to keep it fresh

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We are made different by how we think. We have diverse ways of processing things because of the uniqueness of our individual experiences. And the way we think is rarely, or most probably never, absolute. Because every experience, no matter how mundane, has the potential to change the way we think.

Disruption, in any form, can be good for us. It may not be desirable for every disruptive event can be uncomfortable at best. But the power of disruption is essential. It’s a great way to keep us in our toes. To challenge long-held beliefs that no longer serve us.

Robin Sharma recently shared his thoughts on the importance of disrupting our thinking:

Read magazines you don’t usually read. Talk to people who you don’t usually speak to. Go to places you don’t commonly visit. Disrupt your thinking so it stays fresh + hungry + brilliant

If we look back to a time when we did any or all of those things he mentioned, we’d probably realize that those were exactly the moments we learned something new. To read, to talk with people, and to travel. These are the things many of us love most. Fortunately, they are also among life’s simple pleasures that offer infinite possibilities for our growth.  It’s always good to remember that especially during those times when we feel that we’re stuck.


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