Solitude and Curiosity

Thought balloon of the day:

I wonder how it’s like for Curiosity over there at Mars. Even knowing it’s a robot doesn’t make me feel less curious about the kind of solitude it has to endure.

If I were one of the NASA scientists and engineers, I’d probably have developed a certain level of attachment to it. I imagine it’s hard not to feel invested not just to the entire project but the rover itself after going through all its “birthing” pains and the amazing events that followed thereafter. Those awe-inspiring people out there at NASA’s JPL are part of Curiosity’s everyday robotic life.

Curiosity made me reassess solitude. It’s necessary, and fun, to a certain point. But maybe not for a two-year jaunt across a galaxy. It’s a good thing then that it has a team of awesome people hovering. And with it tweeting away witty reports, it’s not exactly like its alone and out of touch.

Thanks to whatever divine or cosmic powers as well as scientific and engineering prowess at play, a merging of curiosity and solitude has pushed the boundaries of possibilities even further.


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