The nuances of conversations

I’ve always believed that a conversation’s worth is not measured in words. The sweetest platitudes, intelligent discourses, and mundane exchanges are spoken in words that have gone through series of filtering before they were uttered.

Every person brings something deeper cloaked in words carefully chosen.  Hidden biases, buried envies, and the slew of other underlying reasons why what’s spoken don’t often reflect what was thought.

This is why I rely on that inexplicable nuances of things unsaid. Conversations become occasions to heighten awareness and to listen well. They become opportunities to catch hidden messages so well-guarded that it’s almost impossible to detect if one’s not 100% present in the conversation.

It’s a pain most of the time, really. It can break your heart if you repeatedly pretend not to notice how that person in front of you is as unreal as the illusion of the words thrown at  you. It’s often during those moments after realizing someone’s holding back or leaving things unsaid for whatever reason that time spent on the conversation seems wasted.

I often yearn for something more real. Just as I expect thoughts and ideas to flow without the burdensome baggage of selfishness and lack of desire to share. I need to learn from every exchange no matter how mundane. I want to be moved by the passion that speak more eloquently than words.

To find people like that is a gift. I’m grateful to have met some along the way. They raise the bar for me. I expect nothing less from myself and from others who cross my way.

Authenticity is such a rare thing. Even brief conversations can prove it.


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