A Fall To Remember Photo Journal #1: Japan Dreaming

The colors of fall are just some of the many things to love about the season. I’ve always wondered if other countries’ autumn share the same qualities I’ve seen and loved in Japan. Somehow it felt different from that other place where I first experienced it.

For someone who lives with either sunny or rainy days all year round, to be in the midst of changing seasons can be unfailingly moving. But despite each season’s unique and breathtaking attributes, it’s fall that has so far given me some of the richest and most beautiful memories.

These are some photos that remind me why I love fall. And Japan.

Seen at a school grounds in Minamiaizu, Fukushima Prefecture
A bridge to Aizu-Wakamatsu-jō (a.k.a. Tsuruga-jo Castle)
Beyond a bridge is this pathway to the castle
At the gate
A feast of colors at the castle grounds
Tsuruga-jo behind dying leaves
Here lies the fallen
A carpet of leaves
Exploring the grounds

View from the castle
Meanwhile in Akita Prefecture…
~ This photo served as a timely reminder why, for me, Fall + Japan = Love.
(photo credit: Visit Japan 2010’s Facebook page)

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