5 things worth doing

In a world where gray areas seem socially unacceptable, it would help to remember that most times it’s best to:

  • Be unabashedly interested in your passion. – Just do whatever it is that drives you. Pursue the things that fuel both your imagination and actions. People will judge you either which way you swing. You might as well focus and move towards the direction that makes you happy.
  • Be consciously aware in choosing those who surround you. – Life’s too short to play nice with people who’ll try to drag you down for whatever reasons they have. Choose your friends, frienemies, or the people you allow to orbit your own little world. If you can’t grow from them or the experience they bring, let go. Put a distance, preferably one that’s impenetrable like a force field.
  • Be confident in knowing that you alone are responsible for your greatness or failure. – Don’t be distracted by other people’s noise. Even well-meant advices can drag you down. Listen, be grateful, but be wise enough to discern things either worth keeping or letting go.
  • Be helpful, but know when to cut the rope. – Extend a helping hand whenever you can. But know when to let go. Some people don’t want your help. Cut off the rope that strings you to what could be a cycle of games or dramas designed to make you feel inferior. Authenticity shines like a beacon. Follow those who confidently shine in their own light without diminishing your own.
  • Be grateful. For everything. – Experience the happiness that gratitude brings. Good or bad things happen to leave you with experiences. The point is to allow them to stretch you. You will become a better person for every lesson learned. Everyday, trust that there’s something to be grateful for in everything.

Simple things that may not always be easy to do. But the end game might just be worth it.


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