Coffee & Serendipity Photo Journal #1: Can-More ~ Chungju

Coffee shops. They’re like, everywhere. With so many cafes ran by popular international brands to local owners, there’s bound to be some place anywhere in the world that promises both a delicious brew and the ambiance that suits different tastes.

Finding can-more was a happy accident for us a few months ago. Located at the third floor of a building somewhere in the heart of Chungju, South Korea, it was unlike any other coffee places I’ve seen in the past. Quaint and relaxing, I imagine spending (rainy) days with a good book and a steaming mug of coffee or tea in there.

The building that houses a quaint coffee shop.
Outside, looking up
Surprised by the unexpected
Tabletop menu
Shades of blue in a roomful of pink
Coffee and company

Can-more, a simple yet perfect blend of coffee and serendipity.


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