3 Things That Increase Your Chances of Losing the Extra Weight

(photo credit: gettonedandfit.tumblr.com)

Nothing is absolute and that applies to just about anything including weight loss. It doesn’t matter if you have somehow discovered the formula to a pill that magically trims you down to your ideal weight. Unless of course it’s really magical then it would certainly solve a lot of people’s problem.

Losing weight is a challenge in itself. For something that’s been heavily explored, tested, shared, discussed, and passed on, there’s still no singular approach that assures quick and easy results.

Many who wish to lose weight want it so bad to happen in the shortest time possible. There’s always a reason why it has to happen the next day or the week after that. Any weight loss program that doesn’t promise immediate results is relegated to the bottom of the list. After all, with so many choices out there, there has to be something that meets the need for speed.

The slow but sure path, however, has its unique sets of challenges and rewards. It’s a simple approach that doesn’t promise you easy. It’s simply one of those things you do that require commitment and everything else that come with it. In a sense, your chances of succeeding rely on these three things:

  • Commitment ~ This is the foundation of your weight loss campaign. You need to know the depth of your commitment. Because the days ahead are bound to get more difficult if you’re lacking in this department. Imagine starting a healthy diet and exercise routine then finding your house suddenly brimming with all the tempting foods you can’t afford to indulge in. It almost always happens  that as soon as you begin a weight loss program, every temptation imaginable suddenly pops up. So you need to ask yourself every single day, how committed are you? And go do what you need to do to stick to it.
  • Patience ~ If you’re not into any drastic weight loss program, don’t expect to see noticeable results in the shortest span of time possible. Be patient. Losing weight takes time. You need to give your body time to adjust. Keep in mind that you can neither slack off nor give up just because you think nothing’s happening. Something is happening. If you’re sticking to your weight loss routine(s) and habit(s), you’re already changing. You’ll just have to give your body and mind to make the connection. Good things take time to happen. Let them.
  • Discipline ~ Commitment and patience are worthless without discipline. It’s discipline that makes you do the actionable items on your weight loss plan. It’s what makes you wake up earlier than usual to exercise. It’s what drives you to monitor your food intake and police your own diet. Discipline will sustain you in the long road ahead.

You can sign up for the best diet plan and gym membership to speed up the process. But even the most effective weight loss programs would require more than your money and time. For any of it to work, you’ll still need the three things that would steer you to success.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to how committed, patient, and disciplined you are to achieve your ideal weight. As somebody said before, nothing worth having comes easy. Or in this case, nothing worth losing goes away easily.


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