London 2012, Curiosity, and Philippine monsoon rains: Humanity triumphs against all odds

Three events stood out for me among the many things that happened across the world, and beyond, in the past week.

As athletes continued to battle it out in different events in the ongoing Olympics, NASA gifted everyone with the awe-inspiring, successful, and amazing landing of Curiosity on Mars. Sadly though, last week was also a time when when relentless southwest monsoon rains transformed several areas in Manila and certain parts of Luzon into a water world.

While some say that Curiosity’s touchdown on Mars eclipsed the Olympics, both events still left us with an invaluable lesson about how immeasurable human potential can be. Athletes and scientists showed us once again it’s okay to dream big and to risk more than others would dare. That greatness is attainable.

Perhaps it can be said that greatness can be found not only in remarkable events such as the Olympics and space explorations. That humanity triumphs even amidst torrential rains that brought grief to millions of Filipinos.

Despite the hopelessness of the situations amidst another calamity, Filipinos rallied forth. Social networking sites were inundated by pleas for help, offers of help, and stories of help as the rains raged on. In the midst of adversity, people proved once again that they’re capable of rising to every challenge.

In the vastness of this universe, three events in the past week served as reminders that there is more to humanity than endless conflicts, wars, and catastrophes.

It doesn’t matter if the Olympics spent more than Curiosity’s landing on Mars or if a third world country seemed unprepared to cope with what could be effects of climate change. What matters most is people unfailingly find ways to rise above even the most difficult situations.

Maybe the lesson really is that for as long as investments are made to explore humanity’s potential, great things can happen. Miracles, after all, are possible. We just have to believe and make room for people who are brave enough to explore possibilities we fail or choose not to see.


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