Explain this in a way I can understand

Just this morning, a close friend sent me a text message. She’s been serving as a military for some years now.

So she tells me that this guy captain grabbed her uniform’s collar and shook her hard that her teeth (and brain) rattled. And that she was scared especially when the guy was trying to force her inside her home. But she didn’t budge because she was afraid she’d be hurt more if that guy manages to bring her inside her house.

The only way she can protect herself was to use the arm the guy grabbed to shove him off. Apparently, he didn’t realize how strong my friend is. Years of training as a national athlete don’t make anyone weak. Ever.

She’s pissed. And as a friend and former teammate, I’m seething as well. Does it make sense to just let that kind of behavior slide? I know it’s the military with its unique rules and mindset but, what the… it’s.just.too.much. Unless that captain saw her hurt or kill a person (which was impossible for my friend to do for so many reasons), is there any excuse to explain his rage?

My friend said it’s the first time she was subjected to that kind of harassment. I sense both anger and fear. Between personal safety and self-respect, is there or should there be any room for blind tolerance for the sake of job security?

I once had this crazy idea of joining the military. That was years ago. And somebody who knew me well told  me, “You won’t last long in there”. I think he was right. If what happened to my friend is the kind of environment I’d be in, I don’t think I’d really make it there.

It’s ironic that said captain works in an institution training future military officers. I wonder what kind of influence he’d have to the future leaders of the country’s armed forces.


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