Find (and own) Your Greatness

I’ve long wondered who’s behind the Nike ads. He or she almost always comes up with inspiring messages that resonate. I can spend all day listing down all the campaigns they’ve had that stuck in my head. And I guess nothing truly sticks in the mind unless it has touched us on a more personal level.

This Find Your Greatness campaign is just one of the more recent series of videos Nike rolled out.

I’ve been trying to follow news and stories of the London Olympics since it started last week. I’m a great believer of the Olympic Games and the ideals of Olympism it’s built upon. I love what it stand for. Despite what critics may say, the Olympics still stand for something noble not just in athletes but in everyone who’s part of it.

It’s the stories, the feats of greatness, the amazing triumph of (wo)man over limits, the attempts to do the seemingly impossible, the proofs that everything is possible, and so much more. For me, every Olympian is already a winner long before he or she steps foot inside the Olympic Village. The medals are the special icings on the cake.

My Olympian friends have one other thing in common, apart from talent and skills. It’s an amazing supply of discipline. Everyday, at the crack of dawn, they wake up to train. It doesn’t matter how they feel or how crappy the weather would be at any given day. When the time comes to choose between what’s easy and the prospect of pain, they choose the latter. And maybe that’s one way of finding our greatness.

Early this morning while running, I saw an old man in front of me. Just by watching him, I knew he’s a regular runner. Then on my way back, I saw this boy who looked like he was preparing for a marathon. He looked like a serious runner to me and he was even timing himself by the way he kept checking on his watch.

Everyday there are people like them everywhere. Each has a story of greatness that may never be under the same kind of spotlight that gets Olympians on the news. Theirs are tales I may not get the chance to hear or read.

I just think that Nike nailed it again. All of us do have our own greatness to find. It’s just a matter of waking up and accepting no excuses to do what we must to be better than we were yesterday.

Everyday is the day.


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