You can mean well and be honest but still misunderstood

Authenticity is a gift that sometimes need to be mined from people. Everyone has it for sure. But somehow, for reasons we may never know, it takes a backseat to more “acceptable” behaviors in dealing with people.

Honesty is a shared trait of people who mean well. The message is either lost or delivered depending on the manner it was sent and the openness of the recipient. It’s why it can be a painful process for someone who cares enough to say what is meant especially if he or she ends up being shunned for it.

It is said that not everything is about us. That people behave for reasons of their own. Sometimes though, it makes those who genuinely care to say their piece hesitate for fear of being misunderstood. The childlike quality of calling things as they are dies in the process. Since when did we begin to evolve into beings that hate well-meaning thoughts?

To care is to suffer. And something withers when you get a glimpse of what a person, a friend that you cared for, thinks about your honesty and well-meant words. Maybe some people aren’t ready for the kind of authenticity slowly diminishing as we speak.


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