Things to be grateful and things to wish for

Today just turned out fine. So many things to be grateful for.

Woke up with Baguio strawberry jam, peanut brittle, and lengua de gato waiting on the dining table. Pasalubongs from my dad’s friend.

Then my sister and I had a hearty lunch of samgyupsal, bulgogi, and pajeon on top of the several side dishes as well as a free serving of haemul sundubu jjigae.

I even found a candy shop selling my favorite dark chocolate with peanut butter filling.

Too much gratitude for every moment given to savor those things with people I love.

It’s going to be my birthday soon and if I get to be lucky then as I’m feeling right now, I’d probably be grateful for any or all of these things:

  • a cat
  • at least 3 pairs of Adidas performance (running) socks
  • two books I’ve been waiting for since last year: Bloodline by James Rollins & The Columbus Affair by Steve Berry
  • an erg
  • rowing to find its way here in my corner of the universe
  • or a training routine for a new sport

For now, I’m just happy being grateful for blessings received and for those that are yet to come.


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