An Old Village Photo Journal #1: Ouchijuku (大内宿)

Ouchijuku is a small village isolated in the mountains of the prefecture of Fukushima, in the south. This village was, during the Edo period, an important post town on the road linking Edo (the former name of Tokyo) and Sendai. Many buildings which, before the Meiji restoration, where used as hotels, restaurants or shops, are still in pristine condition today. This is due to the fact that when a new road was built (road 121, a little on the east), Ouchijuku was almost completely forgotten, which prevented the old buildings from being destroyed during a “modernization”. The re-discovery of this village made this place one of the main attraction of Fukushima-ken. Since 1981, this architectural site is also protected; at that time, all electric cables have been put underground. ~ (Source:

Seen while walking along the road going to the village
Foggy, cold, drizzling, dreamy, and breathtakingly beautiful fall afternoon in the old post town
Hungry. Time to check the street fares they’ve got here.
More food
Then we saw these two cases of sodas in a small canal with clean and very cold water streaming down from the mountain. Ingenious 🙂
Continued our leisurely walk in town and thought of taking a picture of this
My friend Ani in front of a souvenir shop
Me ~ loving my umbrella
Neko with little pink pig in a souvenir shop. Kawaii doesn’t get old (^_^)
First torii seen in town
Since it started drizzling again, my friend and I decided to find shelter. Better yet, we found ourselves a nice, cozy restaurant where this old man sits by the fire heating water for tea.
And this was how Jo, one of our Japanese hosts, found us.

In the heart of Ouchijuku, one wonderful fall afternoon, with amazing new friends from other countries,  over cups of tea with a friend as we enjoyed servings of mochi and other sweets I can’t name, I remember thinking – Life is good.


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