Living in the right hemisphere

Welcome to our world.

The right brain, however, processes from whole to part, holistically. It starts with the answer. It sees the big picture first, not the details. If you are right-brained, you may have difficulty following a lecture unless you are given the big picture first. Do you now see why it is absolutely necessary for a right-brained person to read an assigned chapter or background information before a lecture or to survey a chapter before reading? If an instructor doesn’t consistently give an overview before he or she begins a lecture, you may need to ask at the end of class what the next lecture will be and how you can prepare for it. If you are predominantly right-brained, you may also have trouble outlining (you’ve probably written many papers first and outlined them latter because an outline was required). You’re the student who needs to know why you are doing something. ~ (Excerpt)

I couldn’t agree more. This would’ve helped me understand why I frequently felt inept in school. As the test results said, there are several cases of right hemisphere students who feel inadequate in classrooms precisely because they’re wired differently from their left-brained peers who happen to thrive best in those environments.

It goes to show how important it is to know ourselves better. It makes it easier to be more self-forgiving. Always, it’s not a question of who are better. It’s just about how we turn out to be the best that we can be given our individual uniqueness and abilities. No labels. No boxes. Just be.

If you’re interested to take the test, click here.

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