Night out in Chungju

After our post-race tour in Mungyeong, Victor of HKG had this idea of us treating our L.O. (Christine) and Han to dinner. I decided to go since the BBQ and soju combo was on top of my things-to-experience-in-Korea list. And with such great people for company, how could I resist? Like I care if I freeze while walking on our way to the restaurant. I was stupid enough not to bring a jacket for a spring trip in South Korea so I thought I should (wo)man up and brave the cold. Besides, a little discomfort was nothing given the promise of hearty dinner and fun conversations.

Initially, only Victor, Siu (HKG), Mao (TPE), Iwao (JPN), Christine (our Korean L.O.), Han (KOR), and I were supposed to go. While waiting at the hotel lobby, however, Jufri (SIN), Edy (INA), Nguyen (VIE), Hwang (KOR), and Kwon (KOR) each in turn decided to tag along.

It was easily one of the most fun evenings of the trip. Not that we had many since we mostly stayed cooped up in our hotel rooms after races unless there were functions to attend. Buffet BBQ, soju, soju bombs, side dishes, and interesting topics fueling laugh-out-loud moments. I couldn’t help but love this umpiring group.

So where the hell am I in this picture? Sadly, the only one completely covered by someone else. Part of my head was visible though. This photo would have made a really nice souvenir had Edy moved a little. Just my luck.


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