Finding answers

Tears fall like soft snowflakes in the early days of winter, delicate yet cold as if hinting of colder days to come. Gabrielle did not intend for all the things to happen like they did. In some ways, it seems to her like everything are like the snowflakes that fall long before their time.

She fights the weakness but a part of her is letting go. “Is it like this to feel so weak, Brand? Is this why you keep telling me to stop running away? Will I be stronger if I stay? I do not feel like running anymore. I am tired of the fleetingness of it all.”

Only the whisper of the wind as it touches her cheek disturbed the silence. Brand is long gone and she is alone. She has always been alone.  A choice made long ago that she rarely regret. No one leaves when no one is close enough to make her feel how it is to be left behind. This is a reasoning she keeps to herself. She does not know if it is true but somehow, it helps her survive. Except in moments like this when tiredness is creeping on her like an unwanted shadow.

She resolutely wipes her tears and stands up. She has spent more than enough time wallowing in what feels like self-imposed desolation. It is time to find answers. And there is nothing more important now than to seek answers even if some of the questions have not been fully formed in her mind.


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