Celebrations of a Dysfunctional Family

Dysfunctional family. Two words that I used to carry like a burdensome luggage. It is exhausting and, I realized today, unfair not to celebrate the fact.

It is Father’s Day today. Our family don’t do hugs and kisses. We do straightforward greetings then carry on like there’s no big deal. But that doesn’t change the way how we feel about each other.

There are several kinds of love but each one is no lesser than the other. Some love are dealt with in silence where actions are defined by its depth.

Dysfunctional family or not, we feel quite as heavily as the rest who openly share their feelings.

Happy Father’s Day to you, dad. I greeted but did not hug you this morning. But I know that you understand what the single greeting truly meant. I gave it all my heart.


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